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Avatrade App : With already hundreds of trading platforms published worldwide, it’s hard to choose a fit.
Big companies like Avatrade, or eToro  are fighting for clients by pushing their prominent trading platforms to the limits of usability and exchangeability.  In this article we analyse the spectrum of aspects a trading platform needs to fulfil by reviewing one of the most popular best brokers app: the “Avatrade” app.


Avatrade App - A full range review

Important details about Avatrade

Security is one of many aspects which care importance. In the case of Avatrade, you won’t find any issues regarding Security.
Avatrade’s platform is supervised by a financial regulator and therefore controlled by authorities which means that client’s security is always ensured.

Demo trading account

To build strategies and get a better understanding of the trading climate, the Avatrade app provides every user with a demo trading account. This demo account holds virtual money you can use to test strategies before investing real money.
Great about Avatrade’s demo trading system is that your demo trading account binds with your real account so you can play with future strategies like a professional while already investing real money (on your live account).

Investing in stocks

If you feel ready to invest real money: Avatrade has a minimum deposit of $10. This helps beginners to slowly get a feel without risking bigger amounts of money. With over 200 instruments you can invest in and a low minimum deposit, building your trading profile is easier than you thought.


Suggested for traders looking for more advanced trading platforms with MT4 Integration.

10 │ 10

Overall Rating

Electronic trading platform

Avatrade uses MetaTrader 4 as their electronic trading platform, MetaTrader 5 is not supported since MetaTrader 4 is being used more prominent in present stock market trading and doesn’t restrict more than MT 5 does.
MetaTrader 4 is known for its mobility, security and multifunctional usage (end users have the option to write their own rules in MT 4 to automate their trading) and fits best as your electronic trading platform to use with the Avatrade app.

Avatrade’ training range

In the Avatrade app you get to choose from more than 200 assets, with categories varying from stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies to metals, oil, gas and gold and silver. With that many stocks, Avatrade makes sure the service matches everyone’s trading interest and shows its capability of running a full grown professional broker.

While trading on Avatrade you get the option to use levers. Leveraged trading means you can multiply the capital you want to invest by a number x (personal trading mostly ranges to a factor of 30) so you can trade in higher stocks with less capital.
The goal in leveraged trading therefore is to get higher earnings through bigger capital. Keep in mind that leveraged trading carries more risks because part of your investment belongs to the broker (since you leveraged your original investment to a higher). Always invest sums you can cope with.

Avatrade app review

Our full-range review on the Avatrade app review led to an overwhelming score of 4.5 of 5 points in our review system. We and the best stock analysis app can confidentionally say that Avatrade is one of the most user- and beginner-friendly trading platforms of present time.

Interested in joining the reviewed trading platform? Use the lower button to get a free 50.000$ demo trading account + live account on Avatrade and start trading today:

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