Best forex trading app 2020

best forex trading app 2020Forex com is one of the best forex trading app 2020, alongside Libertex and Cityindex.   Trading on involves active trading of major currency pairs, which remain volatile during active trading hours. Prices for these currency pairs move along with the release of economic news.

Best forex trading app 2020

As a trader, you need free access to market quotes, charts, accounts, and news feeds. This will help you take advantage of all the trading opportunities that you may have. The best forex trading app 2020 is capable of providing you with quick access to your account, allowing you to check quotes and place orders. Below is the best brokers app review, where you can read about the software for effective trading.



Free, easy to use, and one of the best forex trading app of 2020 too. Besides the standard plans, the app offers a premium membership for golden features. The lack of commissions makes it extremely suitable for new investors.

The main features of RobinHood:

– No minimum investment, no service fees, no commissions.

– Scheduled deposits.

– list of monitored companies.

– tracking of day trading, preliminary support of orders.

Best brokers app

The platform VantageFX is like the Libertex app  regularly recognized as one of the best brokers app in Australia, the UK, and Islamic countries, offering traders worldwide access to over 180 trading tools including Forex, Share CFDs, Indices and Commodities through the industry-leading MT4 and MT5 platforms.

All Vantage FX clients experience super-fast trade executions, tight spreads, and a completely transparent trading environment. Opening an account with Vantage FX is quick and easy, and you can get started with as little as $ 200. As soon as your account is open, you can immediately access a huge number of trading instruments and start trading in any style, be it scalping, swing trading, position trading, or even automated trading.

Best stock trader app

The TD Ameritrade mobile app developed by Toronto-Dominion Bank is one of the best forex trading app 2020 for advanced traders, which includes simplified features for beginners and training for investors. The software allows for easy external money transactions and can be used on four different platforms.

The key features of one of the best stock broker app include:

– Retirement account (Traditional, Roth, or Rollover IRA).

– Demo accounts (Tax-free Coverdell, UGMA / UTMA accounts, 529 plans).

– Managing Portfolios.

– Margin trading.

Best stock trading app

Capital dot com  is a web platform and mobile app, the leading global and free Best stock trading app  with 360,000 active users and growing.

Even novice traders can use it and learn without risk – through a demo account, practice trading on the commodity exchange, trading cryptocurrency, contracts for difference (CFDs), trading in the stock markets. Includes Standard, Plus, and Premier accounts in 2 levels (retail, professional).


This app, recognized in North America as one of the best Forex trading app 2020, is an online trading and investment service offering a variety of trading products, from currencies and CFDs to commodities such as oil or metals and stocks. If you want to know more about forex trading, our article about the review  and the review 2020 can also help you.

AMarkets runs on the MetaTrader 4 platform and only requires $ 1 to start. Two account levels – Gold (from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000) and Platinum (over $ 20,000) are eligible for various privileges, for example, an ECN account, your own server, and an investment portfolio.


Stock trading application suitable for experienced traders with large investments and profitability. The app is available on all mobile OS and web platforms. Offers powerful monitoring and analysis tools.


Application for trading with low commissions. Users can customize most aspects of the software, including its look and feel. After registration, you can adapt the functions according to your skill level.

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