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best brokers gameFind the best brokers game for learning stock market strategy! “Practice is the key to excellence” is one of the oldest clichés, but there is a profound meaning to this frequently used adage. If you want to improve your skill in any field, you need to practise a lot.

Best brokers platform

This is especially true in the field of trading, so traders are trying to find the best brokers platform game simulator – an online tool that allows you to train trading skills without risking your money.

Best brokers game

All over the world, you will not find a single professional basketball player who has not made thousands of shots in the gym. Surgeons practice on corpses for a long time before operating on the first living, breathing person. And all the successful traders train using the best brokers game simulator before risking real capital.











50.000$ DEMO



10.000$ DEMO

What are the benefits of using trading simulators?

“Paper Trading” allows novice investors to simulate stock market trading by buying stocks and assets using virtual money. With $ 100,000 in simulated capital, you can build a portfolio and test strategies without taking on any real risk.

Want to see how different trading strategies work? You are unlikely to want to take risks if you risk losing your own money. If Monopoly tickets are used instead of money, then you will be more inclined to research the markets, take risks, and learn from mistakes if your trading does not go according to plan.

The purpose of “paper trading” is to improve your trading skills. You will learn to better identify patterns and trends on charts, and you may even feel a little pain when one of your simulated trades burns out.

Some simulation platforms are owned by online brokers, that is, you need to register a real trading account to trade with virtual money. But most simulators can be simply downloaded and used right away – trading starts every day when the market opens.

Best brokers app

Top 3 best brokers game simulators:

1) Stock Trainer is one of the best brokers app simulators for novice traders. The application very accurately simulates real trading, and users can access chart analysis tools and market news in real-time.

By overlaying technical indicators on stock charts, you can track insider trades. There are so many securities available as the Stock Trainer allows you to trade in different markets, not just the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

One of the drawbacks of the Stock Trainer app is that it is only available to Android phone owners. However, it is one of the most realistic and inclusive stock market simulators available today.

Best mobile trading platform

2) NinjaTrader Free Trading Simulator

This is one of the best mobile trading platform, which appeared in 2003, and today its eighth version is offered to users. The live stock trading application is paid, but the paper trading platform is completely free for all users.

Libertex app

The NinjaTrader Market Simulator includes all the features of a real trading platform. The available research and charting tools are very interactive and allow you to work with any stock exchange: Libertex  – Cityindex, etc.

The backtesting option allows you to roll back time and trade in different periods. Want to see how you did during the 2008 financial crisis? Just change the time frame and test your strategies!

3) TradeStation

This platform is one of the best brokers game simulators in the world, offering advanced trading opportunities on a proprietary desktop or mobile platform with multiple settings. review 2020

TradeStation is targeted at active traders and charges a monthly fee of $ 99 for accounts with no more than 5,000 shares or 50 options contracts per quarter. It is an expensive platform, but you can test it for free by registering a paper trading account.

Especially on the topic of forex trading, you will also find useful information in our review   and review 2020.

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