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Finding the best CFD trading app

Before getting started with CFD trading you should consider downloading a trading app to keep your capital organised (and to make trading easier). There are a lot of trading apps going around nowadays and it’s important to take a closer look at their CONs and PROs.

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DISCLAIMER: Trading is an activity that carries a high risk to your capital. As a general rule, you should only trade in financial products that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them.

What is CFD trading?

CFD, or Contracts for Difference, is a trading method with which you don’t buy a share itself but you speculate on its market behaviour. When trading with CFD you agree to exchange the difference of the shares price from the point at which the trading position has opened (the time where you purchased your CFD). CFD’s greatest benefit is that is allows you to not only speculate on the up-going of the shares price but also on its loss.

For example, if you think that Tesla’s stock value may decrease, you can go for a so called short position. Going for a short position means you sell a CFD (by opening your position on the trading app) and wait until the shares price eventually falls. If it does, you get the difference between the price for which you opened your position and the actual price.

Which CFD trading app should I consider?

Since there are a lot of trading apps going around it is not easy to find the best stock trading app. We already declared the winner of the best stock trading app for beginners to be Libertex. But which app has the best brokers app review overall? And is best brokers app accurate?

To clarify the winner in being the best CFD trading app, we need to consider following:

The app has…

  • …an easy to use User Interface
  • …all popular instruments listed
  • …fast opening and closing of positions
  • …authorisation and is regulated
  • …easy wallet management (secure withdrawal)


Speaking of Libertex, it’s app does not only come with all points mentioned above and with the standard market section where you can select your stocks but also with a news section. This widget helps you understand current market trends easily and keeps you up to date, which makes it one of the best stock trading apps for beginners.

Best brokers app

Speaking of which, Libertex is not the only stock market simulator app that comes with a news feed. IQ Option, another great trading app we reviewed on best brokers app, comes with a modern and sleek news section with the newest and most important price movements.

But even though IQ Option is a trustable, modern and clear best stock trading app, Libertex still holds the first place.

Get started

If you’re interested in trading and want to get started we fully recommend to use Libertex (or IQ Option).

Get a free 50.000$ demo account by downloading the app via this unique link:

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